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BOP RAM Positioning Monitoring -
FOU Project Phase I completed with JIP between Statoil and North Atlantic Drilling.
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Distribution and cooperation
agreement for Wireless Real
Time Data Monitoring...
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Preferred vendor for Fibreoptical equipment

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Specifications & standards

An understanding of system specifications for analysing the measurement principle is of
key parameter in all development programmes. In OBAR we focus on identification and
usage of the right standards to implement the respective solution. With the right
understanding of the processes involved the system may be optimised for the right
governing regulations.

QA Standard

We focus on international ISO 9001 - 2000 standard as the base of our engineering,
documentation and manufacturing services.

API Standards

Standards and Interpretation of API Regulations for Oil and Gas Applications required
for different environments.

Electrical standards

Standards and Interpretation of International Regulations for Oil and Gas Applications.

Norway : NEMKO
Europe : CE Directives
Hazardeous Area: EEx / ATEX Requirements
ISO 14001

System design Requirements:

•  System Definitions
•  Manufacturing and testing requirements
•  Measurement specifications:
•  Monitoring, logging and instrumentation systems
•  Computation and communication interfacing requirements
•  Computer based electronics and Autonomous Surfaces Systems
•  For Real time systems

Environmental Standards

Governmental Standards
NACE MR 175-2000 for Sour Services

Manufacturing Standards

•  All manufacturing is completed by ISO certified subcontractors
•  Norsok
•  API

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